2023 Out of the Alps

After recovering from a fractured collar bone I ventured for my first two day tour after 8 months. After visiting friends in Schwaz, my personal cycling guru Emu and I took the train to St. Johann (Tirol) from where we rode on a gravel road over the Hirschbichl pass to Berchtesgarden and on to Hallein.

A young cow on green mountain meadows behind a fence looking straight into the camera.
Emu rolling over the summit on Hirschbichl pass. Mountains and trees in the background.
Emu crossing a dry ford on the way down from Hirschbichl.
Scenery at Hintersee, Ramsau.
Emu at top of the last hill before Hallein. Small road, some scattered houses, green grass and a blue sky.

The next day started rainy but eventually it dried up and I continued my journey east over the Postalm — again on a gravel road — from where I descended on a paved road to Bad Ischl and on to Ebensee at the southern shores of lake Traunsee. From there I returned by train to Vienna.

Look into a narrow valley on the way up to Postalm.
Scenery at Postalm: Meadows, two cottages in the distance, some fir trees and a small stream beneath a grey sky.
My Cannondale Topstone leaning against the summit sign on Postalm.
The road winding down from Postalm. Light shreds of a cloud hang before the neighboring mountain top.
Road lined with old trees near Ebenseee.
Scenery at Ebensee. A lake surrounded by towering mountains on all sides beneath a lightly clouded sky. There's a quay with concrete springboard, but no people populating it.


Duration: 2 Days
Distance: ~160 km
Altitude gained: 2100 m
Highest climb: 622 m (Wildental to Hirschbichl)
Highest elevation: 1297 m (Hirschbichl)