About me

Hi, I'm Rupert Angermeier. I am, among other things, a software developer, mainly doing web stuff and in the last years focusing on the frontend.

I've been building websites since the end of the nineties, professionally since 2012. I'm currently employed at Trayn where I'm reponsible for the web app.

In the last years I worked a lot with JavaScript and CSS, using frameworks and tools like VueJS, D3js, React, webpack, requireJS, CanJS, LESS, PostCSS and many others. However, sometimes I prefer to work without any frameworks or pre-processors. And I know HTML and try to use it an accessible and semantically correct way.

When need arises I also don't shy away from building backends, designing APIs, tinkering with SQL, configuring web servers and such.

Contact & Imprint

You can find me on GitHub, Keybase, Mastodon or LinkedIn. You can reach me via e-mail and I also have a postal address, which you can use whenever you feel the urge to send me physical objects:

DI Rupert Angermeier
Andreas-Hofer-Straße 11a/5, 1210 Wien, AT

Technical Information

This site is built with Eleventy.

It uses the Alata and Paysage fonts and some of the layouts described in Every Layout.

This website does not track or spy on you.